The Yoga Challenge – update


During the second week of my yoga challenge I was travelling abroad. Before the travel I was confident that I would continue my much beloved routine without interruptions. You know, get up early as usual, find a quite spot and do the daily routine before resuming my holiday duties. Yeah, right.

Despite my positive expectations, I failed on the very first day. The travel day was long and tiring. I didn’t have time to do my yoga in the morning – or rather, I didn’t get up at stupid o’clock to do it – which pretty much sealed my fate. After 12 hours of travelling, the last thing I wanted to do was to catch up on my challenge. So I accepted defeat. And then I missed the yoga on the second day too. The excuse this time was that there was just so much of other stuff going on. Then I finally got back on track.

Here’ s the biggest takeaway. First of all, travelling will throw everything off track. Sleeping and eating to start off with, so a special thing like a daily yoga routine will go out the window too. But I’ll forgive myself for my couple of days of slack.

Secondly, I really realised the meditative side of yoga. On a few occasions I did it when and where I could. An enthusiastic two-year old was chatting to me, doing the poses with me, sometimes even on me. A cat decided to ask for a few strokes while I was trying to do my sun salute. My mum was curious, and joined for a couple of minutes. I did the yoga on a hard floor with a thin rug, and my knees didn’t quite agree with it. You get the picture. Not quite the most shanti of environments.

The great joy of doing my yoga in the morning is to have a little moment for myself before the day begins. It’s not a sports exercise. Its about focusing on the movements, waking the body up and enjoying the moment. Doing it in a hectic environment with kids, cats and people passing by doesn’t really work. But that’s ok. It was a good discovery.

Back to normal next week hopefully with better results.