The Yoga Challenge – the first week



So, I’ve completed the first week of my yoga challenge, and it has been great!

I joined the 30-day yoga challenge on, which delivers me a free yoga lesson every day. The lessons vary between 10-20 minutes and are said to be suitable for yogis of all levels.

To make sure that I have the time and space to do my yoga every day, I decided to do the lessons first thing in the morning. I get out of bed 20 minutes earlier than usual, and complete my sessions before shower and breakfast. I’m definitely NOT a morning person but have absolutely loved my new little routine.

The yoga challenge sessions don’t require much space or any extra equipment, so I’ve just done these in the living room. I switch on a small table top light, keep the blinds shut (neighbours don’t need to see my poses!) and let the yoga wake my body up.

The 10-20 minute sessions are perfect length but still quite challenging! Although the course is supposed to be for all levels, I wouldn’t recommend these for someone who has never taken a yoga class in their life. In fact some pretty hardcore moves were presented as early as on Day 7 as demonstrated in the picture above! I have done yoga before, and enjoyed the fact that these lessons push me a bit. Here is a little taster for what the lessons are like.

This one is Day 2:

So far this challenge has been great, I love it! Doing a bit of yoga in the morning is a fantastic way to start the day. I love the deep stretches and gentle movements. Although the lessons are short, they are very effective. After just four days I would feel that lovely ache in my muscles, which tells me that I’ve actually done some work.

So far I’ve managed to do my sessions every day without fail, so that’s a great start. The real challenge will come next week when I’ll be travelling and will be thrown out of my usual routine. But so far I’ve enjoyed these lessons so much that I doubt I’d want to miss a single one!