The Yoga Challenge – Completed!



I completed the first challenge yesterday! In 30+3 days, to be exact, but that’s okay. I did all the 30 yoga sessions and only missed three days due to travelling.

So, how did it go? My previous reports will describe things in more detail but overall it went pretty well. This was a great challenge, and Erin Motz’s classes were really enjoyable. They were long enough to get a nice workout but short enough to keep this doable every day. If you want to take this challenge you can join here.

Any learnings? Yes!

  • Find a time that works for you and try to do the daily session at the same time and place every day. This helps you to stick to it and eliminate distractions. For me early morning was the best time, although it meant getting up about 20 minutes earlier than usual
  • You need your own time and space to do this. No kids, friends or animals. A big part of the joy is to have that moment to yourself
  • I didn’t do the challenge to reach any physical goals, but I think the daily exercise helped with my lower back pains. I also absolutely love having that good stretch in the morning
  • Finding a good challenge was the key to my success. If I’d had to figure out each morning what to do, I doubt I would’ve stuck with it.

I have no intention on dropping this enjoyable morning ritual, and discovered the tutor Erin Motzh runs another 30-day challenge on her own website. I immediately signed up so looks like I’ll be treated for more lovely yoga every day. You can join here.

Now, on to the next challenge. For the next 30-days I’ll be going gluten free. The start date was going to be 1 November, but that didn’t happen. I hadn’t really given much thought to my new challenge when the date hit, and that immediately taught me that these challenges require a bit more planning than jotting it down on this blog. I had two birthdays to attend, which meant cakes galore. I also need to think a little how I’m going to substitute my usual bready moments with something else. If there is nothing in the cupboard then that’s going to be very hard.

So, this challenge started yesterday. More on gluten free things coming soon!