Natural floral waters can be used to make lovely homemade facial toners. They contain all the wonderful skin loving properties of the flowers and herbs that were used to make them. Use floral water toners to finish your skin cleansing routine, to remove any remaining cleanser or makeup, and to calm and tone the skin.

Many shop bought toners include all sorts of ingredients that might irritate your skin. They also often include alcohol, because of it’s astringent properties, but alcohol can really dry your skin.

Because the toner is made of water, it will need a preservative or it will go of in a matter of weeks. Floral waters are usually sold with a preservative, so you don’t need to add any. However, if there is none, I recommend you add a water soluble preservative up to 1%. My preservative of choice is Geogard Ultra.

You can use pretty much any floral waters to make your facial toner. Rose Water is a great ingredient for all toners as it calms the skin. It also smells absolutely divine. Here’s what I used for Peppy Galore Toners:

Measure all ingredients in a beaker an pour into a bottle.

homemade facial toners

homemade facial toner




homemade facial toner