Difficulty: Fairly easy
Makes: 4 x 200ml pots
Time: 1 hour + 5 hours for cooling
Storage: 6-9 months

Body Mousse


Ahh the body mousse, one of Peppy Galore’s most popular and most loved products. This handmade body butter version of the body mousse is wonderful for very dry skin or for any skin during the dull winter months.

The body mousse is a bit of a tricky product, which is why you can’t get it from just any shop out there – it really needs to be handmade. The success of your handmade body butter really depends on the quality of it’s main ingredient – the mango butter. As a natural product mango butter can vary in texture and colour. Sometimes it can be very creamy, and doesn’t want to fluff up easily. At other times it can be very dry and feel grainy to the touch. It doesn’t have a strong scent in itself, but sometimes it can absorb the scent of your essential oils. Talking about a moody ingredient!

Usually the main ingredient of a  homemade body butter is shea butter, but I wanted to use mango butter. The body mousse is very rich and mango butter is less greasy than shea butter, so it feels drier and absorbs quicker.

This recipe is for the Fruit Punch Body Mousse, which has a gorgeous fruity smell.


This recipe makes 4 large pots of body mousse, which is quite a lot. That’s because I’m using a table top mixer, and it requires a bit of volume in order to get the body mousse properly fluffy. If you are using a hand mixer, you can make just half or even a quarter of this amount.

Since the body mousse doesn’t contain any water, you don’t need to use a preservative. However, I’m adding a bit of Vitamin E, which keeps the oils and butters fresher for longer.

homemade body butter ingredients


Measure the mango butter in a heat proof container and place in a double boiler. Heat until the mango butter has completely melted, then take the container off the heat and add the avocado oil. Cover the container and put in a cool place until the butter is completely solid again. You need to do this step, because mango butter will be grainy when you buy it. Melting smooths it out so that your body mousse will feel nice and smooth to your skin.

It can take quite a while for the butter to solidify, depending on the amount you’re making. This amount will take several hours, so you can prepare by melting the butter the night before, and whipping the mousse on the next day.

body butter melting


Once your butter is completely solid, scoop it into your mixing bowl. Even if you’re using a hand mixer, I suggest you scoop it to another bowl.  This will prevent the butter from sticking to the sides of your bowl, which can leave lumps in your mousse. Add the essential oils and the vitamin E to the mix.

body mousse essential oils


Then it’s whipping time! Start with a low speed to loosen the butter up a bit, then crank to the maximum speed. Whip until the mousse has turned fluffy and a nice white colour. This doesn’t take a very long time, maybe a couple of minutes. Don’t let it fluff up to more than double it’s size, otherwise your mousse will eventually collapse.

whipped body butter


Scoop the mousse into your pots and enjoy! The mousse will stay fluffy but it will turn a bit more solid over time. The Fruit Punch body mousse will be white when fresh, but will turn orange within a couple of weeks due to the essential oils soaking in. This is completely fine and will only add to its charm!

The homemade body butter is very rich, so only use a small dollop at a time. Store in a cool place, don’t let it melt in the sun or above a radiator.

handmade body mousse