It’s the battle of the body butters! Check out this video, where Peppy Galore Body Mousses challenge Your Average Body Butter in an intense five round battle.

Round 1: Ingredients

Peppy Galore Body Mousses are made from 4 ingredients only: mango butter, avocado oil, Vitamin E and essential oils. Your Average Body Butter is made of butters and oils too, but it also contains water, emulsifiers, several different types of preservatives, and in some cases petrochemicals and silicones.

Round 2: Texture

Your Average Body Butter is creamy and gooey. The Body Mousse is – well – moussey.

Round 3: Scent

Your Average Body Butter comes in all sorts of lovely scents, but it is very likely that those scents are from artificial fragrances. Peppy Galore Body Mousses are scented with natural essential oils or infusions.

Round 4: Skin Feel

Your Average Body Butter feels a lot like any body lotion, it’s just a bit thicker. And because it has lots of water in it, you are probably using big dollops of it.

Peppy Galore Body Mousses don’t contain any water, so they are very concentrated. Therefore you only need to use a tiny amount at a time. It is also very nourishing, so your skin will feel fantastically soft and smooth.

Round 5: Amazingness

We’ve all used Your Average Body Butter and they are great, especially if you prefer a slightly lighter texture, and don’t mind the dodgy inredients. Peppy Galore Body Mousses are 100% natural and especially great if you suffer from a very dry skin or eczema.

So, which one do you think wins?