Hello, I’m Jessi. I started this blog back in 2012 to inspire me to live a healthier and more active life. I am tired of being tired and bored of being bored. It features a collection my favorite recipes, health and fitness experiments and musings on life.

About Me:

I have always been active and health conscious but am also the victim of the comforts of the ordinary life. I sit by the desk most of my work days, eat too many treats and have grown bored with the usual gym sessions. As a result my energy levels are sporadic and I have gained a bit of extra weight.

I have recently been pregnant, and because of it have been very tired for a long time. I couldn’t really exercise during my pregnancy (yes, yes I should have, but I couldn’t).  After popping I’ve enjoyed having more energy, but need to work my way slowly back into shape.

My approach to food:

I’ve never had the discipline to follow a very strict eating plan, and I don’t think it’s very sustainable in the long run. I believe that eating real, freshly prepared food is the key to a healthy life. A sit-down lunch is better than a ready made sandwich on the go. Keeping portion sizes down but eating real foods is better than eating “light” substitutes. I’m a foodie. I love butter. I’m addicted to sushi. I make lots of vegetarian food due to having a vegetarian husband.

My approach to exercise:

Walking is fantastic, and I prefer to walk to work, which is 40 minutes twice a day to the office and back. Right now I just don’t have time to go to the gym or do any other proper exercise.

Other bits

I used to have a natural cosmetics company, and I still make all my skincare myself. There is just nothing in the shops that comes anywhere close. Don’t be scared by the ingredients, they are easily available on Amazon, or if you’re in the UK, I recommend you shop at Plush Folly.