A Posh Bird’s Breakfast

This is my favourite breakfast, made extra special by these beautiful posh eggs. They have blue shells and lovely deep golden yolks. The taste is wonderful, too. Poaching the eggs keeps them soft and flavoursome, so that’s my preferred method, although it takes a bit of practice. If you can’t be bothered, fried or boiled & sliced is fine too. If you are going carbs-commando, you can substitute the toast with an extra egg.


  • 1 slice of toast. I like the seedy kind.
  • Smoked salmon. I like it with peppers, junipers or other seasoning
  • 1 poached egg

A posh breakfast needs posh eggs

A posh breakfast starts with posh eggs “laid by the Blue Baroness”. I feel royal already.


Blue eggs

They are indeed blue. The shades can vary from whiteish to greyish to greenish. I just think they are gorgeous.


A nice bit of salmon. Don’t be stingy.


Poached egg on salmon and toast

Topped with a poached egg. Tasty, healthy, posh and very filling. The best way to start a day.